Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello, Again! + Happy Thanksgiving!

My normal blog- Pink Panda- is on the Fritz. Somehow it caught a bug and is now no longer reachable. Until I can play bug catcher to that blog, I realized that I do have other blogs, and hey- why not write on those?

And so, here I am!

We have been busy! As usual, Troy and Emily and fam are coming into town for Thanksgiving this year- they are on the road as we speak! We are excited and hope that it is a good Thanksgiving for all!

I have hit my 20th week mark in my 6th pregnancy (with 4 children currently). This little one is a boy- and will be joining his 3 other brothers and 1 happy sister who took the news that "he" is a
boy very well. He loves to kick and flip and turn and twist and let me know that he is often there- I love it! I enjoy being pregnant and this one (at least from the second semester on) has been no exception.

I keep busy subbing at the kid's local school often. The kids are all in Elementary School- Elizabeth 5th, Ethan and Jonah 4th and Asher 2nd and they keep me busy!

We rent a cute 4 bedroom home in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona and still own a home in Maryland. We are very close to getting it off our hands and have yet another hardship package to complete before it is all taken care of.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I served a mission in Bilbao, Spain some 13 years ago. I love it and I lead a happy, happy life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL!
The Loves of my life- Asher

 Mi Familia

 Baby Boy due in April

 My Handsome Prince- Josh
 Our Savior!

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